Life is your music collection #1. What a terrible world, what a beautiful world by The Decemberists

Good Friday.

Album reviews are back bitches…(sorry, I’m a massive Pretty Little Liars fan)

These aren’t really album reviews are they? Hence the title change. They are more of an exploration of my personal experience with the music. If you’re looking for a review on here, it will usually consist of I REALLY LIKE IT! So if that’s not for you then no worries, bugger off.

The Decemberists are a great band. They are a great band with a new (ish) album so let’s have a little word gush about it.

‘What a terrible world, What a beautiful world’ is not only a kick ass album title, it’s a fantastic return to form. Not that they ever really lost form? Is that what that means? Well look they were on form, they went away so the lead guy could have a baby and write some epic fantasy and then they came back with this album which is bang on form…meh.

I first came across these guys when a pal stuck ‘We both go down together’ on a mix and I instantly fell in love with it’s inappropriate creepy, borderline rapey and tragic lyrical story.

I then found Sparkle Pony via Portlandia and I became a devoted Decemberists listener. I may even ask for the drummer cut at my next hair appointment (Ha! Like I have hair appointments).

Anyway here we go with the track by track hoedown…(I’m way too British to say that, throw rotten fruit at me)

The singer addresses his audience – Colin Meloy (the rather dashing cavalry captain) has said that this is kind of about him being a front man but that it’s original intention was to be from the POV of a boy band member but boy bands don’t tend to have drummers so I think the line was a continuous blur. The song is a good soft intro to a roller coaster of upbeat then downbeat noise. In an interview I read (and you can read it too) Meloy touches upon the concept of celebrities believing they have ownership over fans, when in reality it’s the opposite that is true. Celebrities are in fact owned by the fans. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be celebrities. I wish more role models were aware of this, perhaps they would be less likely to proclaim their own genius. It’s a good message highlighting that we are all fundamentally the same in a round about way and that we make and break each other.

Calvary captain – This is one of those toe tapping sing a long folk pirate songs. It makes me feel super happy and the delivery on ‘and if only for a second, and if only for a time, we’ll be alive’ really brings a smile to my face. Mainly because whilst I was listening to this on repeat, I was also writing a paper on Existentialism and it summed up the whole bloody concept perfectly. Transient pirate folk rock…hell yeah!

Philomena – Don’t let that dreamy cooing intro reminiscent of those 1940’s car commercial jingles fool you into thinking that this is an innocent little love song. I think this is unmistakably about really badly wanting to taste some minge…too crude? Seriously he wants to eat Philomena out. I can relate (…wait a minute) to the line ‘all I ever wanted in this world…is just to live to see a naked girl’. I was cool and out with being into ladyfaces at around 16/17 which is pretty young to know your own sexuality but I just couldn’t talk to girls without insulting them. In my head I would think I was being irresistibly charming and smart but in reality I would have just called the girl stupid and then rammed my arrogant life philosophy down her throat until she pissed Plato for a week. So…it took me a while to grasp the whole ‘wooing’ thing…Six years later I managed to actually get and hold a girls attention long enough for me to see her naked and yeah it was awesome but maybe not all it was cracked up to be…your life will not finally make sense to you once you lose your virginity…in reality it probably gets more tricky. I should know I’ve done it twice. What the hell am I typing about? Oh yeah oral sex…use a dental dam or know your partners sexual history. You got schooled bitches…(I think Hanna is A)

Make you better – This is a great track with a hilarious video to boot featuring the wonderfully mustachioed Nick Offerman. I’m super late to the Parks and Recreation party train, having only just started watching but I’m partying hard. It seems weird to have such a silly music video for what I considered to be quite a serious song, not sure I will be able to separate the two now, oh well most serious things are stupid…I think I may have just contradicted myself.

Lake song – I get a summery vibe from this one, maybe because it talks about the sun and I’m cold. I get the impression that this is a song about first summer romances and I remember mine fondly so it’s a good song to reminisce to.

Till the water’s all long gone –  The great thing about this band and probably my favorite thing about their infinite talent is their ability for storytelling. I guess the lead singer is also a best selling author so this is unsurprising. I think this may be a tad political and might just be alluding to mankind’s continuing behavior of taking resources and not giving a single fuck about the consequences for those who live on the land those resources helm from…or it could be about water parks?

The wrong year – I think this is a track about missed opportunities and past mistakes. Overall this is quite a reflective album therefore the listener is likely to come out of it either feeling a little bummed out or a little more positive about things. It’s a great thinking album and this is a great thinking track. It will seduce you lightly and not fuck you with Plato I promise.

Carolina low – It’s about to get moody up in here. I really like the line ‘you got an ugly little mouth boy’. This is something that used to get said to me a lot during my angsty youth. I was quite sharp witted and could stab you in the face with my poison tongue. I have a bad temper and obviously when I had hormones all over the place it was hard for me to be the nice calm ladyface I am now. So I really like that line because it was a really cutting remark that made me think twice about being an absolute cunt when I was 13. It’s really interesting for me to hear that remark echoed back to me in a song years later, thankfully it hasn’t been used on me for quite some time.

Better not wake the baby – Human puppies are loud and although I’m not a parent I am an auntie and I remember walking my nephew around the town lake and him screaming so loud that I was convinced someone was going to come over and accuse me of kidnapping a child and take him away. When he eventually went off to sleep I would have happily murdered anyone who disturbed him. I am also a tried and tested babysitter and the little fuckers know if you’re even a little bit un-confident…yet I still can’t wait to have my own because apparently I’m a fucking moron.

Anti summer song – I think this should have been titled ‘anti-we both go down together song’. That’s the impression I get and because that was my gateway Decemberist drug I have to name this least favorite album track…boo hiss. It’s really not a terrible song but I do like to have a little criticism to these fangirl explorations of sound.

Easy come, Easy go – If there is one thing that we all have in common it is that we all will die. Death is all for equal opportunities; male, female, gay, straight, weak, strong, young, old, rich, poor, blue and pink…there is no escape and this song is a nice albeit sinister reminder of that. Don’t worry, to paraphrase Peter Pan ‘death will be an awfully great adventure…bitches’ (Peter fucking Pan is A).

Mistral – So I had to google what a mistral is and it makes sense that it’s a type of wind. My girlfriend would kill me for not knowing that, she’s like a weather genius due to the nature of her outdoors work…she had a go at me a couple of days ago for making a metaphor about whirlpools that wasn’t scientifically correct…my poetic way with words is wasted on her…gah!

12/17/12 – I assumed this was Meloy’s son’s birthing date the wrong way around? Damn Americans can’t get the date right. Anyway I was wrong it’s actually the date of the Sandy Hook massacre. The song I guess is about being super excited about bringing his son who they named awesomely Milo Cannonball into this fucking crazy world, which of course, I am sure; gives every good parent reservations about creating and or/providing life. This whole album is about family and you can’t listen to it without contemplating whether it’s worth carrying on our species. Ultimately, I think the album echoes a resounding yes. This track also wins hands down for most loved album track…woo!

A beginning song – This song reminds me that I don’t have a damn clue and you know what? That’s okay because neither do you.

What a terrible world, what a beautiful world was released this very year, (which is 2015 in case you’re from the future) on Rough Trade Records and it’s highest peaking position was on the US Billboard chart at number 7.

The Decemberists are Colin Meloy, Chris Funk, Jenny ‘Sparkle Pony’ Conlee, Nate Query and John Moen. They are a truly wonderful band who tell so many stunningly visual stories through their art. Their sound is mainly very upbeat folk rock and I really don’t know how anyone couldn’t enjoy this album. They are one of those hard to find all round crowd pleasing bands and I highly recommend this album.

Thank you so much for reading bitches…



*also known as @cowardlycomics

Personal ‘Emo’ Update, Sunshine and Politricks.

Happy belated Easter or ‘eat chocolate for Jesus day’ as it’s called in my house.

It is a bit weird that we celebrate Jesus dying for our sins by eating our body weight in egg shaped chocolate…it’s a bit weird agnostics and atheists celebrate it full stop…but we do, hell I’d celebrate the holocaust for a daim bar…OK too controversial…too soon.



Spring is here.

I can tell by that big yellow round thing in the sky.

I like spring. I like daffodils and tulips. The warm feeling you get that comes with the sense of new beginnings and fresh starts. The cackle of children who graffiti the pavements with chalk dragons and hopscotch. They have been hiding behind luminous screens for too long. Their cold winter entertainment. They can finally go outside and run around like the tiny little lovable lunatics they are…or not, I mean those ipads have candy crush.

I got my polling card through the post.

Politics eh? I guess it’s a subject that interests me more than most, so it is something I’m probably going to talk about in the next coming weeks because did you know there’s an election?

I’m a big fan of Russell Brand. If you would have told me I’d be saying that a few years back I would have laughed in your face but times change, people grow and Mr Brand talks a lot of sense. I pretty much agree with him on most things, however I do think you should vote. At the end of the day I don’t think the revolution is imminent and not voting isn’t going to do much at all (Sorry Russell). You could however cause more stink by voting for less influential parties and causing a hung parliament (which is looking likely anyway). I think this is the only kind of revolution we’re going to see anytime soon but you know if a credible one wants to start anytime soon, I’m happy to hop on the party train.

I will be voting Green (because I’m a damn dirty hippy). Other reasons include, I like the fluffy animals, I like living on this planet which might be hard if they keep fracking, I seriously don’t see the point of trident except for a metaphorical nuclear pissing contest, I miss the bee’s and I really like Australians. In summary I like their policies.

Enough of politics. Let’s talk about me.

Ha! OK well I have plans you see. I hope to be back Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s depending on health, so please check back in with me on those days and I’ll try to keep typing. I don’t have a lot of time to write today as it has been a busy morning so I think this is your lot.

Thanks so much for reading, you glorious pretty people.


Personal ‘Emo’ Update: The tale of L–don and the black bogeys…Oh yeah and Sleater Kinney.

I am typing this with one numb hand and it proved really damn difficult just to type the title, so you better damn well read till the end.

I have been away (again) for some time, for reasons stacked upon reasons, one of the less personal over-share reasons was because I got behind on my uni work but to be honest writing these blog entries wasn’t the reason I fell behind.

If you’re up for the over share continue to read the next paragraph, if not skip ahead a verse.

As Johnny Cash so well put it all those years ago, I fell into a ring of fire. My mental health has been atrocious. I had a relapse with the MS, hence the numb hand and a whole right side to boot and well I felt so damn low, I felt hopeless…I have never felt so alone except for you know all the other times I’ve had a nervous breakdown. Fucking brain…Anyway as a result of my low mood I stopped taking my MS meds because my stupid brain is a genius when it’s not getting the goods to those slacker neurotransmitters of mine and voila relapse…well I’m not really sure what came first, with MS it’s just ‘here have the lot’ and dumps a ton of shit on your head. I am doing better now thanks to some love and drugs and well I miss writing words and sending them into the internet ether…so I’m back at least until my brain breaks again. I may write some entries later on that go deeper into my experience with mental health and mood stabilizers because I think it’s an important subject that needs discussion but until then let us delve into the adventures of crazy MS girl.

If you read that heartfelt expression from my cold dark soul thank you, you’ll be pleased to know that since my defeat of the evil space lord there has been a significant reduction of alien abductions. If you didn’t, no worries it really wasn’t that interesting.


Last week I went to London.

It was my first long distance train journey since my diagnosis and I held up pretty well. In fact it gave me confidence to give it another go later on this month and make the pilgrimage to York to visit my Grandma who I haven’t seen since my diagnosis.

We went to Paddington and met the famous bear of the same name.


Luckily I have two awesome friends who were in London town for the weekend and drove through LONDON TRAFFIC (maybe awesome doesn’t do them justice?) to pick us up and deliver us to our digs.

Whilst we were waiting outside the Hilton for our ride we bare witness to just how friendly London drivers are. There were roadworks, so a single one way lane had been open to digest the cars through whilst the workers painted yellow lines on the side of the road. A lunatic lady drove the wrong way through the traffic, pulled into the Hilton, honked her horn a gazillion times until the posho whatever they’re called that probably isn’t butler came out. She then shouted at him, flicked the v’s an awful lot at the workers, then proceeded to drive over the freshly painted lines, making a horrific mess, honking her horn the whole time. Her behavior was horrendous. I just hope the workers took her licence plate details and fine the shit out of her…she probably won’t care because she’s probably so rich that she doesn’t have to abide by societies rules or even the law, it’ll probably just be loose change to her. In that case I hope a pigeon shits on her face.

So after that incredibly rude albeit entertaining debacle we caught our ride and headed to Camden town where many a hipster stepped out into traffic, (I did mention how awesome my friends were right?). And arrived at our accommodation which after our initial terrifying booking in which consisted of our keys in an envelope sellotaped to the wall, it turned out to be pretty nice with the exception of the carpet.


We bid farewell to our heroic London transport, (apparently they were just hanging out for the ride as they needed to get back to the safety of the south west) and headed out for a burger at The Honest Burger which dudes seriously if you’re a coeliac or hungry in Camden this is the place to go. Their burgers are the shiz and their service was some of the best I’ve encountered. I felt super bad that we forgot to tip on the card payment and had no change…we intend to go back and tip generously I assure you. I like how quaint and communal the seating area is. I think this is a much friendlier eating experience as it encourages you to acknowledge other diners which I think is a nice way to encounter people…especially in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Then the next day was the reason I braved black bogeys for a week, seriously native London folk are mutants.

Sleater Kinney.


I managed to gluten myself in the morning with an allegedly gluten free brownie. This was not a good start and I apologize profusely for stinking up the roundhouse. I spent the whole of the afternoon in bed to rest my MS because it isn’t a fan of evenings, well any time of day really but especially evenings.

My BFF arrived early to LDN to take my girlfriend for her walk, he did a good job actually, he even found things for her to climb on.

IMG-20150323-WA0000 (1)

Oh if you’re confused by this, then I should explain that my girlfriend is a puppy.

I love that bestiality shit.

The puppy made us dinner and we headed to the roundhouse which is a venue that in all of my years of gig going I had never attended, which is a shame because it’s such a beautiful building.

We missed the support, apologies PINS, I will endeavor to check you guys out and I am sure to kick myself for missing out.

A girl from a season of The Great British Bake Off that I didn’t watch was in attendance. I don’t really know why this is important but the puppy was quite excited by it…

Sleater Kinney came on and I was automatically MS free and living my life free for the first hour. Then it came back and kicked my butt but seriously live music is such a great treatment for this disease of mine. I need to remember that it’s worth the investment in spoons and money.

They played two songs that I wanted them to play. If you’ve read previous posts you will know that before I attend a gig I have a five song wish list. It never matters if bands don’t conform to my expectations but I was a little disappointed this time around. Good Things is such an important song to me it would have been freaking amazing to hear it live. Among Good Things, the two other songs I wanted them to play were One More Hour and I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone. The songs I wanted them to play and oh boy did they deliver were No Anthems and Jumpers. Oh well I guess I’ll just have to keep going to see them.

They were amazing. They were everything I wanted them to be. It was a fantastic experience. I love Janet Weiss’ drumming beyond expression (I want a shoes in the dryer tee). Corin Tucker’s vocals were just the wail of a siren especially on Gimme Love, she is just fantastic. Carrie Brownstein should stop hitting herself in the head in case of brain damage otherwise flawless. And Katie Harkin who is a fantastically multi-talented touring member.

On our final day we went to the Science museum which was fun, I touched things, then freaked out about how often those things I touched were wiped down, curled up in a ball and rocked myself to calm whilst wiping the epidermal layer of my skin off with antibacterial wipes.

Science is fun.

Now I’m home and I am keeping busy with many things that I will endeavor to write about in future blog posts. I had a lot of fun in London and I owe that experience to those closest to me Charlie, Thomas and Jack, thank you for looking after me.

MS is a debilitating fucker and I have to sit around a lot with my own thoughts, which is enough to make the best of us go a little doolaley. I am hopeful that in doing the things I love which is creating and enjoying art and with the love and support of those that I love. I can live and enjoy life with this disease.

Thanks so much for reading you beautiful lovely people.


Track by Track: Cities to Love by Sleater Kinney.

Hi yeah it’s 2015, shall we skip this first post of the new year nonsense and jump into the good stuff? I mean let’s be honest it’s the first post in what seems like a year anyway right?

OK so do you remember back in 2006 when Sleater Kinney were all like ‘Meh we’re over it’, no? me neither. That’s partially because they never formally acknowledged that they were on hiatus and also in my case I had never listened to any one song that they had created.

They weren’t even on my radar until I watched Portlandia. This is rather peculiar as their sound is my jam. I don’t really know how I missed them. I re-watched The L Word recently after watching it when it aired back in 2004 which was about the time I was discovering bands like L7 and Bikini Kill. So on my re-watch and to my surprise, there was my now current band of the moment, rocking the socks off of everyone in The Planet and I was like ‘how the hell did I miss this?.

It’s probably a good thing that it took me a while to get to where I am now with these guys. Sleater Kinney are one of those bands for me that come along just at the most opportune moment. They soundtracked one of the most tumultuous years of my life. 2013 the year of falling out of love, then in again with someone new and getting my myelin sheath’s ass kicked by my own immune system which admittedly sucked more than all the heartache. It would have honestly been so much more difficult without this band therefore I’m really very glad it took me all this time to find them.

Thankfully I did and that’s why I am excitedly track by tracking their new album ‘No Cities to Love’ which is released on the 20th January. How am I reviewing it if it’s not released yet? Well magic… and also NPR have released a first listen but also magic.

On with the show.

Price Tag – A great song about finding a bargain. You know that feeling you get when you’re at the checkout and you’re thinking shit man the minuscule leftovers from my DLA this month is only just enough to cover one loaf of bread. When suddenly the shop clerk takes you by the hand and he says in his angelic voice ‘Miss, these are buy one get one free’ and your heart lowers from your throat for a brief moment of relief. You thank him graciously and hobble your way back to the shelf to grab another. Content in the knowledge that today you win. Today you found the bargain and you can eat cheese on toast for another week. It’s not really a song about that feeling but it is a song that highlights the inequalities in income and how we feed our emptiness by overspending on items we don’t need. Let’s just say that it could soundtrack a video of Black Friday shoppers. It could also be interpreted on a larger scale. As always there are multiple ways a song can sit on someones understanding and as always these track by tracks are my interpretation and have absolutely no standing in actual factual’s. Great musicianship. Janet Weiss is fast becoming one of my favorite drummers, the way she carries this track is phenomenally bad ass.

Fangless – This is a song about vampires. Of course I would say that I am a huge SF nerd. It’s a song about a kick ass vampire who has been beaten down and lost his or her bite. The thing about vampires though is that they are much like the pheonix or the zombie in that they will rise again and go get that juicy juicy brain. Man I think this entire review is going to be me making stupid jokes then creaming over Janet Weiss’s drumming but did you hear that intro? The way it carries into Brownstein’s guitar and Tucker’s vocals is an earsplitting example that these three are a collaboration of awesome.

Surface Envy – This is a bit of a battle cry of solidarity which is kind of fitting considering this is a comeback album. It’s a full throttle rock charge to the nucleus accubens.

No Cities to Love – The title track sees Carrie Brownstein taking the lead on vocals. Is there anything she can’t do? Ahem I’m going to try and steer clear of going too deep into my opinions on our lord and savior Ms Brownstein because quite frankly it gets creepy. This is actually thus far after Bury our Friends (which has been given more time to seep into my soul) my favorite track. The riffing is fantastic. It takes me back to Gang of Four’s riffing style. It’s very catchy and has single potential. There’s a really good video of famous Sleater Kinney fans jamming out to this track. It runs like a game of spot the coolest icon, J Mascis wins.

New Wave – On second thoughts this might out catchy the previous song and could be contender for my favorite (Not counting Bury Our Friends) track of the album. The music industry is a funny one to watch and not be a part of. I guess I comment on it here but I comment on stuff I like and always as a fan. I most certainly am not a critic and if and when I am I’m terrible at it. New wave is a label that gets stuck on stuff that can’t be put in a box because it’s new and unique. New Wave is a box for the un-boxable. I imagine it is very difficult as an artist to evolve given that as soon as you have hit a level of greatness that garners you fans, you can’t move from that pedestal without those same fans calling you sellouts. I myself have been guilty of this. The other day ‘Warning’ by Greenday came on the radio and as I was singing along I muttered ‘F@*!%*” sellouts’ as the song came to a close. Now that’s kind of unfair but as a fan of their older stuff I feel duped that they went all mainstream emo. This doesn’t mean that I’m entitled to be a hipster douchebag everytime a Greenday song comes on the radio or so my girlfriend tells me. I like that this is a song kind of about bands doing what they want to do. Making the sounds that they want to make and at the end of the day it’s just them. The same way that on a much, much smaller scale, this here writing outlet is mine. It doesn’t have to be anything. It’s free motherfucker. *The Cowardly Lion blog is now undergoing a re-branding and will be renamed The New Wave Cowardly Lion Blog with eventual comics.

No Anthems – This is a wee bit heavier than the rest of the album. A bit more angsty with Corin Tucker’s voice simmering throughout until it reaches it’s abrupt ending. I’m not really sure on my interpretation of meaning but it makes me feel pensive and a little moody. Which is kind of my equilibrium anyway, so I feel very at home with this track. I think it might be a grower, one which I will play to death and gush over at every opportunity…Look I like them all, they are all my favorite.

Gimme Love – Love, love, love. Who doesn’t want to be loved? To be appreciated and acknowledged. Maslow put it third from the top on his hierarchy of needs. On some level we all need love, except psychopaths, they’re probably not that bothered about it but for everyone else it’s a necessity and also a commodity. People don’t just go around saying ‘ here have some free love’ I mean sure they do but it’s not the real true meaning of love. It’s fickle. This is confusing and sometimes people will do extreme things to get ‘love’ or recognition and I thiiink that’s what this song is about. I’m reading ‘The Art of Asking’ by Amanda Palmer and she rather beautifully and eloquently say’s that when she was a human statue she would interact with passers by and a silent exchange of ‘I see you’, ‘No-one ever see’s me’ is passed between them. That’s all anyone is ever seeking, to be noticed. That is my review of love, my review of the song is that the collaborative music builds to a perfect mackle of sounds that echo the hook of the ‘Gimme love’ lyric. Great song. Ten out of Ten, Five Stars.

Bury our Friends – This was released way back last year, decades ago, so it’s been able to cement itself firmly in my heart. It follows a similar theme to the previous song. It’s not about love, you know that thing we need that Maslow said was important. It’s kind of about status, that need for recognition and how we as fans play right into it. My BFF txt me a couple of hours ago saying how he no longer wanted to live on this planet after learning that T-Shirts depicting Kurt Cobain’s suicide note were on sale and people were buying them. That dear readers is one way to exhume your idols. Catchy song, don’t throw away your dogs, give me all the puppies.

Hey Darling – I really like the carousel sound of this song, it makes me a little bit dizzy. I think this might be a bit of a love song from Corin to the other two, seeing how the other two didn’t really separate, they just formed Wild Flag. Maybe it’s a love song to each other? Maybe it’s a love song to the fans? It could be a love song to everyone. It’s definitely a love song. IT’S A FUCKING LOVE SONG OKAY! La la la. OK I’ve lost it…too much caffeine.

Fade – And we finish up on a real gut wrenching tit grabber of a number, which encompasses everything this band is about. It has a dirty sound throwing back to their much earlier stuff, then at about 1:16 it kicks back to their latest plucky guitar riffs then back again to that dirty angst ridden sound that I love. It’s a fantastic showcase of the evolution and variation of this band. They can incorporate silly with serious, heavy and soft, old and new, dirty and clean. Sleater Kinney are a necessary staple in rock and roll.

And so ends the tale of my first experience with this album No Cities to Love.

The album was recorded in 2014 at The Tiny Telephone Recordings in San Francisco and is released on Sub Pop records on the 20th January.

Thank you so much for reading Tom.

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Top Ten Albums of 2014

Here are the most kick ass records released in 2014 (in my opinion).

It’s been a good year for music.

10) Sonic Highways – Foo Fighters

The Foo’s are a never failing staple in rock and roll. You know what you’re getting with these guys and as much as I go on about stagnant bands never evolving their sound, some bands don’t need to. I’m never disappointed by these guys. The album is accompanied by a documentary of the same name that is well worth the watch (I’m pretty sure bbc iplayer still has some episodes).

Best Song – Something from nothing (Which has the bad ass guitarist from Cheap Trick guest shredding on guitar)

9) My Favorite Faded Fantasy – Damien Rice

An open letter to Damien Rice.

Where the hell have you been man? 10 years is far too long a hiatus. Please don’t leave it that long before another album. I missed you so damn much. Your music means the world to me.  I can’t ache to any other artist as well as I do with you.

Please continue to break my heart.

Yours Sincerely

Your number one emo

Best Track – I don’t want to change you.

8) The Other I – 2:54

2014 has seen this sister act kick out a stunner of a sophomore album. The best way I can describe them is a moodier, much heavier Warpaint. I caught them support MAdM way back in 2010 and hands down they win best support act I’ve had the pleasure to stumble on and in to. Their band is named after their favorite breakdown in a Melvins song. I like the Melvins also. We should hang out.

Best Track – Orion or Blindfold (I can’t decide)

7) When the Cellar Children see the Light of Day – Mirel Wagner

If you’re feeling creepy this is the album for you. I keep missing her play as like many other musicians, touring the UK means playing London. Just to clarify London sucks play Bristol. She’s the kind of musician that sends shivers down your spine and makes you question what those things really are that you see out of the corner of your eye. A good album to lose your mind to. I have done so at least twice this year. She reminds me of a cross between Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Fleet Foxes. What a mash up.

Best track – 1, 2 , 3, 4

6) Taiga – Zola Jesus

The sound is kind of imitating good Sia (I’m not so keen on Sia’s new ‘bad Sia’ stuff . I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who thinks that but I’m probably right). This is ZJ’s fifth album and she is still really damn good. She’s a really interesting listen. I can’t quite put my finger on her genre. I want to say electro but it’s so much more than that. I think this is the poppiest album I enjoyed this year.

Best song – Go (Blank Sea)

5) Tied to a Star – J Mascis

Awh shucks I like lullaby’s. That is exactly what this album is, bedtime music. The front man of Dinosaur Jr has released another solo album that lulls listeners into a warm embrace of cuddle up music. If you’re a fan of Dinosaur Jr, I really can’t imagine you wouldn’t like this softer side of Mr Mascis. I am hopefully going to see him play early next year.

Best Song – Every Morning (The video features bad ass funny man Fred Armisen)

4) Phantom Radio – Mark Lanegan Band

Sexiest man voice ever am I right? This is such a great moody album. I have been playing it loud whenever I’m feeling pensive. I will hopefully be going to see these guys also early next year and I’m super excited. This is their 9th album and they’re still really fucking awesome. Lanegan recorded the drums for some of the tracks using an app called FunkBox.

Best Song – Judgement Time

3) Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey

I don’t feel like this is pop. It’s a damn great moody mess of awesome. Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. It’s just an all round brilliant arrangement. I can’t fault this third offering from this tragic starlet and that’s why it’s really close to the top of this list.

Best track – Ultraviolence (This has to be inspired by the Hole cover of Carole King’s He Hit Me. *Gasps* LDR and Courtney Love are playing shows together I shit you not)

2) Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Against Me!

It was so close at the top but alas my favorite band came in second. This is Laura Jane Grace’s coming out fuck you and it’s incredibly liberating. I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel unhappy, uncomfortable and wrong in your gender. I never really give my gender much thought. I’m a ladyface. A sexy tomboy andro ladyface but on the whole I’m female and I’m OK with that. Can you imagine the can of worms you’d be opening if you weren’t. LJG I fucking love you. You are a role model and a bad ass. You are truly a beautiful woman. Keep kicking out the jams.

Best Song – Seriously all of it but Osama Bin Laden as The Crucified Christ or Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues are the showstoppers.

1) Diploid Love – Brody Dalle

Of course Brody wins everything. What a fantastic comeback after a 5 year hiatus which is long but not as long as some people that feature on this list. There are elements of various sounds and all in all this is a really positive, pick yourself up, dust yourself off kind of an album. I reviewed it earlier in the year somewhere? Tweet me if you find it.

Best Song – Blood in gutters (But I really like this version of Rat Race)

That’s that then. 10 super kick ass records of 2014.


What are your favorite albums of 2014?

Thanks so much for reading.


Against Me! and finding myself in a beer keller?

Great photography bro!

Last week I went to see Against Me! play at The Bierkeller, Bristol. 

It was a great venue for short people as you could stand on the tables.

Which seemed like a great idea until a few larger people stood behind us and started to jump up and down.

Now those benches looked pretty sturdy but they also looked pretty damn old and if they had been jumped up and down on for every gig housed there then perhaps this would be the end for me and my 4ft 10 girlfriend.

It was a sketchy hour and a half.

We lived to see another day.

I don’t get to go to as many gigs as I once did.

The evening time is mostly when my MS tends to come out and play.

It’s also when the really cool punk bands play really cool shows for the really cool social vampires.

Seeing how the two of us (MS and I) don’t much get on, I try to isolate it as much as possible.

It really isn’t the most sociable of diseases so I don’t tend to introduce it to people often seeing how it has a tendency to be a bit of a knobber. 

When I do get to go out though, especially to musical outings I forget that it, the disease is part of me and I remember who I really am for a second.

I’m not someone who is defined by her illness.

I am a damn hardcore punk as fuck bad ass. 

The atmosphere in live music does something to you.

After that gig I had a 4 day spell of feeling pretty much as OK as someone with lesions on their brain can feel.

Pretty much up until I had my injection I felt fantastic and then unfortunately I hit reset with a day of flu like symptoms and I was back to square one.

But that’s OK, last week reminded me that I can reach square 112. 

The band Against Me! have been firm favorites of mine for the past 7 years.

I own all but their latest album which is not to say their new album isn’t worth buying, I just don’t have the spare muller right now.

Thankfully Spotify is an awesome thing with free versions for broke ass broken people like me but perhaps Taylor Swift is right and it’s not a fair listening platform for artists?

I don’t know I’m not a musician.

I’m not sure she knows either.

I mean it’s not like she’s a gazzilionaire.

When I attend a gig I always go with a mental wish/dream set list knocking around my noggin but this was one of the few times I didn’t care what they played.

I was in love with every song.

I was ecstatic when they played ‘Pints of Guinness make you Strong’ and a little upset when they didn’t play ‘Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart’ but all the same I wouldn’t have changed it for the world because it was perfect. 

I’m a big and dedicated fan (of AM!) but I’ve never had the chance to see them live.

I think they played in 2008/9 also in Bristol but I was a fairly recent fan then and I think I was working at the time.

Laura Jane Grace did a solo show earlier in the year in London but I was too poorly to go so I missed out.

Third time was the charm.  

Laura Jane Grace is the front woman of Against Me! and she recently did a super interesting, super informative series short for AOL in which she documents her life long journey with being a trans woman.

It’s filled with some of the most beautiful yet most misunderstood people on the planet and is well worth the watch.  

This year Against Me! were the second live music outfit I attended.

They were second in November.

The first was City & Color in February.

The number of gigs I attend yearly is dropping,

I have gone from a gig every two months to just a couple a year.

It just serves as a reminder that I’ve totally lost who I am to this slow zombie disease and I need to start fighting back because it turns out that when I do, I feel better for it.

So perhaps I haven’t entirely lost who I am.

I think I’m in here somewhere.

So thank you Against Me!

You keep saving me time and time again.

Thank you to my BFF Tom who bought tickets.

Thank you to my girlfriend Charlie for driving me and buying us T-Shirts.

Thanks to my mom for looking after the cats. 

Thank YOU so much for reading. 






It’s been a while.

Gah where the hell have I been?

Shall we reboot this bad girl? Yes lets do that with a round up of what the hell I’ve been doing with my life since magically disappearing from this small cave of creativity that used to give me an outlet for not feeling so damn normal.

I’ve mostly been learning.

It’s really quite difficult to put stuff you write out there for strangers to read, especially if you’re someone like me who second guesses themselves with every step they take in life.

The stranger part is a bit of a lie. I’m kind of OK with strangers. It’s more the idea of people I know reading it that terrifies me. Which is weird right?

I have this mental image of my so called ‘friends’ giggling to themselves down the pub and discussing how silly and stupid I am for doing anything other than routine. I mean god forbid anyone ever express themselves.

Unfortunately yes, I know people like this and I’ve kind of had enough of that negativity. So the lesson I’ve been learning is how not to care. The conclusion I think is to cut them out. No longer shall they suckle at my fearful tit.

I’ve moved physically away so that’s a start but the one anchor I found that kept me tied to that negativity is that old devil THE BOOK OF FACE!

So I’ve stopped using it. I haven’t deleted my account, only the app on my phone and unfriended anyone I haven’t seen or spoke to in a year. Harsh eh?

It’s not that I dislike many of those culled or that they are any one individual or personally responsible for how I feel.  For the majority it’s a case of me not seeing the point in pretending we care about each others lives when half of them will look the other way when passing on the street.

It’s useless clutter.

The problem with Facebook is that it’s personal. Yeah sure it’s a good outlet to send silly pictures to your BFF but it’s also a place full of all the people that tend to drag you down.

The school bullies who you’re friends with under the false pretense that you’re all grown ups now and bygones can be bygones when secretly you stalk their page relentlessly to see how badly they’re fucking up.

The emotional succubi who throw out words like fish hooks to lure your sympathy/empathy anything really to make them feel like they matter. The tragedy being that no-one really cares. It’s just a gossip coated enigma to work out like a crossword clue in a juicy celeb mag.

My ex girlfriend once put a broken heart emoticon on my wall when I broke up with her. I think that was sadly one of the most poetic modern day gestures that I fell victim to. The old Bard wept and I was left with a moral dilemma. What do I do? Do I leave it there and let her look like a spurned 13 year old girl? (*Just to clarify she wasn’t a 13 year old girl, she was two years older than me and I’m not a 13 year old girl either) Or do I delete it and risk pissing her off more which I’m pretty sure would have meant unleashing hell beasts and bringing about the apocalypse. You tell me?

I left it there to digitally scar my online space. It was at the end of the day in fact her moral dilemma and she had made her choice. I was just the bad guy who broke her heart. I had no retort. There was no emoticon to express the shell of a person I had become from such an unhealthy relationship and even if there were I couldn’t taint her digital space with it because deep down I am not an asshole.

This all happened on a very public platform which was broadcast to 156 people and it was probably the most embarrassed I’ve been discounting those few times I crapped my pants as an undiagnosed coeliac but hey at least the victims of my school yard bullying were having a wail of a time.

I now have 53 Facebook friends and I don’t even like all of them but it’s much easier for my twat of a brain to tolerate this small cluster of condensed projections of peoples lives.

The great thing about the internet and Twitter in particular is that it connects you with like minded folk and not the bowl of fish you happened to grow up with, live by or work with.

Zuckerberg is a genius and a very kind one. Social media owe him some hugs and kisses. The scope of it though is not for me, so I’ll stick with just family and friends and no extensions of that which mostly include those negative fuckiots I mentioned at the start.

We can’t go through this life in fear. It holds us back. Caring what other people think of you is a tantamount to slavery. That’s not to say if you’ve been holding back on mass murder you should go live your dream. Just simply that those who matter won’t care what you do, if you make mistakes or even if you make a fool of yourself writing silly things on the internet.

The lesson is that we should not repress ourselves and that my dears is what I have been away learning, well that and brain stuff for that degree I’m doing.

I’ve also been drumming. My poor babies got left behind in the move so I am giving them some much needed attention.

Here’s an emoticon for how I feel about that :D


So strap in follow me on here or all of my preferred social networks and we’ll begin this creative outlet all over again.  

Thanks for your patience and for reading.




Personal Emo Update #69

Good Wednesday!


So you should ignore the plan part of my last Wednesday post.

Here’s the deal.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and it is kicking my ass. I’m fighting the fucker but it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it at bay.

It’s kind of like fighting off an angry viking one handed, armed only with a pair of scissors whilst the other hand is trying to wash up the dishes with a toothbrush.

I am not happy with the quality of the content I am putting out. I would like to put more time and effort into my work so that it’s a better read. I will still be putting out album reviews, movie reviews and general bloggy fun stuff but it won’t be on a regular basis.

I have a business to run, a degree to ace and a passion for these personal projects but I literally have to do all of this in 15 minute intervals then go and lie down. It’s hard and I don’t need to put pressure on myself to kick out some half assed shitty review for a deadline.

There will be content. If you’re one of my 5 readers be sure to follow me on Twitter and I’ll keep you updated on the things and stuff.

Go team Hong Kong!

Thanks so much for reading.








The Album Review – Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See.

Good Friday!

Did you enjoy the new segment? What new segment you say? Check it out here.

This weeks album review is the effortlessly beautiful and timeless 90’s indie gods Mazzy Star. I thought we could all do with a chilled out review week, a little something for everyone. Mazzy Star was the perfect choice.

I first discovered this indie dream pop duo way back in the year of 2008 when I was 20 years on the death trail. I was looking for some nice ambient sleepy music for the ultimate sleep mix I was concocting so I asked my pal if he new any good soft music and he gave me these guys, which was a bit of a surpise coming from a metal head.

The song he gave me was ‘Into Dust’ and I fell head over heels with Hope Sandoval’s dusky vocals. I went straight to the amazon and purchased ‘So Tonight That I might See’ and so begun my Mazzy Star infatuation.

I was kind of distraught when I then learned that they had disbanded and had only three albums for me to feed my new obsession. Then like a crazy miracle they made a new album last year and I did my happy dance. It’s a great comeback after 17 years of zero new material but as good an album as it is, I want to focus my attention to my favorite Mazzy Star album, the one that stole my heart ‘So Tonight That I Might See’.

On with the review.

Fade Into You – This was their most successful hit and if you have no idea who I am reviewing today, go have a listen, you will probably end up recognizing this one because it is featured on pretty much every TV show ever and Starship Troopers. This is the ultimate ‘giving in song’. That’s the suckiest thing about love, it can consume you whole and whilst that’s a wonderful feeling, sometimes you can completely lose who you are and ‘fade into’ the other person. The video was filmed in the same location U2 used for their album art on ‘The Joshua Tree’. Man I hate Bono but I don’t know why? I think the hipster community have conditioned me.

Bells Ring – And the loser is…not a bad track in the slightest just an easily forgettable one. I think it’s a song about questioning your faith. The track does have an awesome little break at 2.20 that kicks ass and a build up to a really great drum beat that carries the song out. Good song but for me it’s the weakest of the album.

Mary of Silence – I have absolutely no idea what this song is about, so I researched how other people have interpreted it and it’s a pretty varied outcome. Theories include questioning your religious beliefs, addiction and sexual identity confusion. The last one is my favorite as I remain constantly confused by my own sexual identity. I must point out that this is the creepiest song on the album. Can you guess why? It’s brilliant ominous use of our old organ friend of course.

Five String Serenade – This is a gorgeous cover of the late Arthur Lee & his band Love. I have only just learned this was a cover so I have a preference for the Mazzy Star version but the original sounds pretty damn satisfying, I love a bit of whistling.  I guess it’s a song about art, I think it’s a great track to listen to if you’re in need of a little inspiration. The same way that these guys are inspired to serenade us on a broken guitar, maybe it will inspire you to aspire or perhaps lull you to sleep. Drink lots of coffeh before listening to this album.

Blue Light – I have known this song for a lot longer than I have known of Mazzy Star’s existence and no-one can tell me how!?! It drives me crazy! I just can’t place it. I think it was on a TV show and the scene has resonated with me for some reason BUT I can’t remember the specifics. If anyone can help me out it will be greatly appreciated. Before you suggest it Google has not been helpful. It has a very transcendent theme of watching the world and not really being a part of it; like me the other day in Waitrose car park, where I suddenly stopped walking and took stock of where I was and found myself saying ‘Woah, how the fuck did I get here?’ and the nice old lady walking past me said ‘Did you drive in?’. I’m seriously stacking up crazy points, 50 more and I get a free holiday to The Priory.

She’s My Baby – I think this song is super fucking creepy. It actually reminds me of a kidnapping, along the same lines as Nirvana’s ‘Polly’. I guess you could be a normal person and interpret it as a song about lost love but even so it’s still so damn possessive I can’t read anything other than creeper from this. What is the most frightening thing about my thoughts on this song?…and the winner is.

Unreflected – I think this is a song about mourning. A very upbeat chipper song about losing someone you love? Whether that be to death or just because people change either or apply. That’s if I’m right about the interpretation, it could be a song about passing gas but I doubt it.

Wasted – What a bluesy riff. It’s weird because you wouldn’t associate Hope Sandoval’s voice with the blues in the slightest but it creeps through the post psychedelic like a hot knife through butter. The polysemic use of the word wasted is very clever. It could be used to describe being wasted on a duty, a time or just simply being fucked off your face. This is an interesting song, it has a lot of musical elements and possibly a sly pro feminist message? David Roback is a very talented musician, the build up of the blues riff and the surreal, dreamlike vocals from Sandoval provide listeners with a really juxtaposed listening experience. It shouldn’t  really work but it’immaculate.

Into Dust – This really should be the winner is but I have played it to death , so ‘She’s my baby’ crept in and kidnapped my heart like the shuddersome fucker it is. Speaking of shuddering this song moved me to tears on the first listen.  ‘OH I’M SORRY FOR HAVING EARS ATTACHED TO A HEART!’ Community makes me smile. This reminds me of vampires. I have a playground in my head where I have stories that I soundtrack and this song soundtracks my future bestseller about a misunderstood Vampire who falls in love with a girl who has to save the world from…wait for it…Vampires. I know man it’s going to win me the nobel prize in literature and critics will hail me the ‘re-inventor of Vampire fiction’ because it will be so original.

So Tonight That I Might See –The title track is a repetitive eerie outro to such a sensual album. You would do well to soundtrack it to some sexy times. Just a little advice from me to you *wink*. The fact that a lot of us have got down and dirty with Mazzy Star is just a little bit weird considering how damn right creepy the whole album is but when you think about it sex is a bit disturbing. We suddenly become overcome with a desire to have someone touch us where we wee…that’s pretty weird.

So Tonight That I might see was recorded and released in 1993 on Capitol records when I was the grand old age of 6. I can’t really tell you what I was doing then because I don’t remember but if I were to guess I was probably climbing trees and reading Roald Dahl books. I don’t remember Mazzy Star but I guess they are pretty obscure and a hard band to discover if you’re six.

I will fight you to the death if you dispute the FACT that the 90’s had the best music. It was the last era to have musical movements, multiple ones including post psychedelic dream pop rock. Actually I’m not sure that was a movement BUT it should be.

We really haven’t had a musical movement since the early 90’s and sadly I think those movements of Riot Grrl, Grunge and Brit pop were the last of their kind because really where can we go from there?

If you think Grime is a legitimate musical movement you can suck my small pert titties!

That’s it for my intimate personified album review of ‘So Tonight That I might See’.

Thanks so much for reading. You can communicate with me in the comments below or you can follow me on the following social media platforms. I should see about getting those fancy buttons everyone else has but for now LINKS.





The Weekly Roundup #1

Good Wednesday….Wait! What is this madness?

Wednesday’s are now a thing! Well I guess they have always been a thing but now they are a thing here on my blog, where words and things will appear as if by magic. I hope eventually to get back to providing you with Monday to Friday content but for now you will definitely be getting Wednesday’s, the occasional Thursday and an album review on the Friday.

Vlogs are also coming soon to a Monday near you. I plan to document my awesome life with Multiple Sclerosis and other various health issues, so if you’re interested in auto-immune diseases and mental health, I mean who isn’t? Then you should tune in on Monday’s. Details to follow.

The occasional Thursday will be back to Top Ten’s and Wednesday’s are just going to be a personal laid back weekly round up of the awesome and the not so awesome.

The web comic I keep promising is on the back burner but brewing along nicely. I am a very busy sicko so I can’t promise that this weekly time table will always be timely but I will try my best.

On with the segment.

My thoughts on – This feature is where I will run my mouth about issues that have been on my mind that week. This week I am going to kick start it on the subject of the Scottish Referendum. Now I love living in the UK. It’s a beautiful multicultural hub with so much diversity up for celebrating BUT we are not without our problems and our dickheads; so I understand the desire to leave it. I saw a lot of amazing outcomes of this Yes/No vote but unfortunately I saw some ignorance too. I think it’s fantastic that we as a nation managed to come to an agreement about whether a country could decide for themselves if they wanted to be independent without the need to kill each other. We sent such a positive message to the rest of the world and in doing so peacefully, we made history. The ignorance that came out of it was uncomfortable. I might have murdered the next person to cite William Wallace as justification of the Yes vote, heartily backed up with tweets like ‘Vote yes for all the blood and tears shed on Scottish Fields’. Which is pretty much the equivalent of me saying vote Yes so that the male population of the UK is fewer because they are responsible for the repression of every woman ever, fewer men woo! The thing that really irks me about viewpoints like these is that no-one alive today is responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago. If we can’t get over our horrific history and move on together then basically and quite frankly we’re fucked. Other disrespectful fuck ups included Scots berating other Scots as ‘not real Scots’ if they vote no, a tweet I saw from presumably an English woman saying ‘I hope they vote yes just to see them fall and come crawling back’ and the more humorous than offensive act of CNN reporting a 110% turn out but to be honest I’ve seen more good than bad. The cultivated way the Yes voters have taken it on the chin and accepted it with little disruption and Gordon Brown’s brilliant uniting speech have been truly heartwarming. As an English lady I am overjoyed that you guys decided to stay, let’s work together for a greater Great Britain.


I’ve been Watching –  (I assume no explanation is needed here.) Snow White and The Huntsman, spoiler alert; it’s not very good. My first problem with it was the casting. I love me a bit of KStew, she is amazing in The Runnaways and Panic Room but she was so wrong for Snow White. Snow White is a happy, smily, singing and dancing girlyface and KStew isn’t any of those things. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch, awkward acting and no-one looked like they were enjoying themselves. The only saving grace of this feature was Charleze Theron as the nasty witchface, all of the other characters were so unapologetically shit you ended up rooting for her to kill everyone and put us all out of our misery. Good points? Urm I guess it was visually stimulating so if you don’t need any substance to your entertainment, go ahead and watch it. If you are a smarty pants viewer you should avoid it. The trailers really misleading, it gives away all of the good bits and there’s not nearly enough South African she-demon in the film compared to the trailer. Bleugh, lame.

I have been reading – (What it says on the tin) Transmetropolitan Volume 3 Year of The Bastard and fuck yes here’s some entertainment I recommend. It’s satirical take on our possible future would be a most sinister warning if it wasn’t just the most hilariously stimulating political commentary to have graced print since well ever. It’s massively inspired by Hunter S Thompson, so if you’re a fan you will love this comic. It’s based around a journalist called Spider Jerusalem. Spider is an angry, bitter, crazy old man who is back in the thick of journalism after a five year absence due to a mental health breakdown. I think it should probably be a staple in school reading lists when covering political history. It really is just a pleasure to flick through this story and you know they talk about science fiction being the science fact of tomorrow? Well Jerusalem had google glasses way before it was cool way back in 1997 to be exact.

The greatest disappointment – This segment will just be an outlet of my frustration with the world, basically a little moan. Pissing me off this week is that stupid butt song, as a lady with a big booty I was deeply saddened that yet again our community of ‘phat asses’ were up for display in such a degrading manner. Yes I’m talking about the new single by JLo feat Iggy Azalia and co-wrote by grade A fuckwit Chris Brown. Argh I’m not even sure this is worth the time of day, anything I have to say on the matter has probably been articulated better and in more detail than I am willing to go into elsewhere. So let me just say as a message to all of those in the public eye and all those who aspire to be like them; the people are watching you. I’m not linking you the video because if you want to watch it then Google is a thing. Instead of watching that toxic bullshit you should watch this.

Alternative Entertainment – This will cover anything that isn’t in mainstream entertainment, that was pretty much self explanatory huh? I’ve been really enjoying The Nerdist Podcast for a while now but especially this week as I decided to go through their back log of interviews and in doing so found such gems as Allison Scagliotti of Warehouse 13 fame, funniest woman on the planet Maria Bamford and freaking Ozzy The Dark Prince himself. Chris Hardwick is a charming, funny nerd man and his co hosts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira are much of the same. It’s an enjoyable way to spend just over an hour. Slap it on whilst you’re doing the dishes or even walking around the town. Although if you do this be prepared to look like a raving lunatic  because these guys will in the least make you grin like an idiot if not fall over on the street in an hysterical laughing fit. I recommend the Maria Bamford cast BUT if she’s not your cup of tea wtf is wrong with you? then have a browse through their history as there is bound to be someone in the 574 recordings that provides you with the perfect biscuit dunking entertainment fluids.

Musical Awesomeness – I review albums weekly but I kind of have a system with that and they are personified to the max. This segment however will be addressing the most amazing musical happenings of the week and to kick things off we have three such awesome features. The first to address is my discovery of punk band White Lung through the lead singer’s owning of an asshole fan in their audience. Apparently the douchebag was calling her a cunt so she basically whooped his ass. The reason this is awesome is because as a regular gig audience member you do get a sense of entitlement from the crowd. I have been to Tegan & Sara concerts where other enthusiastic lesbians have screamed ‘I WANT TO FUCK YOU TEGAN’. The thing is everyone in the room was probably thinking the same thing but we don’t scream it out because it’s rude and objectifying. Anyway sometimes artists handle it politely and occasionally they will straight up kick your ass. The lesson to learn here is, you know what I’m going to write a gig etiquette to refer you to whenever I cover issues like this BUT the main lesson to be learned is don’t be a dick. A shitty event by all accounts but it did bring a really great punk band to my attention, so for me I guess it’s a win. Second bit of awesome is a collaboration between the aforementioned Tegan and Sara and Night Terrors of 1927 which is  a pretty damn rad dreampop hit. Thirdly Leonard Cohen is still kicking out the jams with his new album ‘Popular Problems’ and at 80 years old he is still flawless.

So that will be my Wednesday segment. It’s pretty much me just rambling out onto the web my opinions on stuff that is important to me.

Thanks so much for reading. Holler back to me in the comments below or you can follow me on the following social media outlets.

Peace out and don’t be a dick.






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